UK's 5 best Hemp & CBD Tea you can buy in 2020

Top 5 Hemp Tea and CBD Tea UK 2019

Top 5 Hemp Tea & CBD Tea UK 2020

When it comes to tea drinking, us Brits are among the biggest consumers in the world per capita, so it's fair to say that we ought to know a good cuppa from a not so good cuppa. Well, in this article we're going to give you the low-down on the best CBD and hemp teas on the market.

Having tried many teas to write this article, you can be sure the best are on this list, although it was still a tough decision to place these top 5. As the largest CBD store in the UK by selection and range, we get new products first so you get the best choice and value for money. If new products come on the market and are deserving of a place on this list we will duly update.

Disclaimer: We are not paid to produce this review or include any of the products within it.


What is hemp tea / CBD tea?

In short, both hemp tea and CBD tea in the UK are types of teas that contain CBD to some extent. These type of teas are becoming the most popular way to ingest CBD vs vapes and edibles. Typically hemp tea contains just natural hemp, which might include the dry leaf, flower and stem of the hemp plant and is an infusion of these ingredients in hot water. Hemp is naturally rich in CBD and hemp tea usually contains no added CBD, making it a natural product loved by many.

CBD Tea on the other hand comes in blends that you might be more familiar with. It's made from CBD isolate which is extracted from the hemp plant through a process that produces pure CBD. The CBD is then added to popular blends such as Chamomile & Ginger or Peppermint tea to give the drinker the benefits of CBD while drinking their favourite blend.

Both types of teas contain CBD as mentioned earlier, however hemp tea contains lower levels of CBD on average. This is due to the fact that CBD is found in low levels in the plant naturally, so for a hemp tea to match the amount of CBD a CBD tea blend might contain, it would require more dry leaf, flower and stem than would fit in a standard tea bag. 

Hemp tea looks, smells and tastes like the hemp plant as opposed to CBD tea, which comes in more typical tea blends that we know and love. So, if you're not a fan of the taste of hemp then a Turmeric & Ginger blend, or a Breakfast tea blend might be right for you, all of which are on our list below. 

For a deeper dive into CBD read our What is CBD article here to get the lowdown on CBD and what it is.


Types of tea

There are different types of CBD and hemp tea in the UK at the moment. The most common form is a tea bag, and this might be the most recognisable. This type of product is easy enough to use and is convenient if you have a couple minutes to brew a cuppa.

Like with loose leaf tea and tea bags, the product is steeped in water for your desired length of time, usually 3-7 minutes but the longer you leave it, the strong the brew gets. Once finished steeping simply throw the tea bag away, add the milk, wait for it to cool and consume your lovely cup of hot CBD tea.

Finally, like with coffee, you can get CBD tea pods for use in Nespresso machines (other coffee/tea pod machine brands available). This is an ingenious way to make a cuppa using a pre-filled pod with CBD infused tea. The pod simply gets inserted into the machine and flows out into your cup as a hot drink of your choice, in this case – CBD Tea. 

How to make the perfect brew

First of all, lets explain how to make CBD tea. I imagine most people can skip this section, but if in doubt or if you're curious to know the pro-method, read on. Making CBD tea is easier than you might think although it depends on the product you buy.

  1. Warm the pot with a splash of boiling water.
  2. Use one pot per person.
  3. Add 200ml of Boiling water. Boil the water fresh, don't use re-boiled water, its not good for oxygen levels.
  4. Add the tea. Stir the hemp tea leaves or tea bag to help the tea to infuse.
  5. Let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes for optimal infusion or a little longer (5-7 minutes) for a stronger tea. Then remove the tea bag or leaf.
  6. Add the milk (10ml roughly). Adding the milk before or after is the age old question, Originally the milk was added before to avoid cracking delicate china cups however adding it after helps judge strength. 
  7. Wait 6 minutes before drinking for the brew to reach it's optimum temperature (60 Degrees C).

For more info on making the perfect brew, check out this article here


How we scored each product

Ok, now we have the basics covered in regards to type of tea available and how to brew let’s get into the review of the best CBD tea currently available in the UK.

This is the first year we have reviewed CBD tea products, due to the speed at which the CBD market is moving and evolving it won't be the last.

So, this year, we decided it was the right time to review the best products on the UK market. In this review, we judged the product based on a number of different factors to help decide which was the best. These factors included:

  • Strength
  • Taste
  • Value for money
  • Convenience

Without further ado (drum roll, please)..


The Results


Buddha Teas - CBD turmeric & Ginger Infusion

1. Buddha Teas

Buddha teas deservedly came in first place in our review. Not only are these great value for money, but they make a great tasting tea and have 5 mg of CBD per tea bag. Well done Buddha Teas, the turmeric & Ginger are the go to in our office, although the peppermint is good too!

The philosophy at Buddha tea is to strive to create infusions that do more than satisfy thirst. Their teas and herbals use fresh, high quality ingredients to explore natures best qualities and enrich the lives of tea drinkers everywhere, according to their website.

The fresh, organic ingredients allow their teas to stay pure and natural, free from chemicals, preservatives and added flavouring. Their minimal processing and eco-friendly packaging helps to honour and protect the earth with every drink they make.

Buddha teas come in tea bags of various different familiar infusions including Matcha Green Tea, Peppermint Infusion, Turmeric & Ginger Infusion and Chamomile Blend. Buddha Teas offer great tasting infusions and blends, we can report that all these teas taste fantastic and come with 5mg of water soluble CBD in each bag.

Quick look

  • 18 Tea Bags per box
  • Price: £16.95
  • Strength: 5 mg per tea bag

Buy Buddha Teas here



Rokit Pods - CBD matcha tea


2. Rokit Pods

Rokit pods are by far the most convenient way to get your CBD tea fix with the minimal of effort. Simply pop the pod in your machine and wait for the pipping hot tea to flow out the bottom into the cup. If you already have a pod machine Rokit have you sorted, these pods fit most machines and the pod means you no longer have to play the egg-[read tea bag]-and-spoon race to the bin once brewed.

Matcha has been around for centuries and is a long standing tradition of Japanese culture, playing a major part of the celebrated tea ceremony. With added CBD, this is truly something special.

This product makes a great cup of tea but might not satisfy those looking for an authentic brewing experience.

The price of this product also falls short of the others in this top 5 CBD tea review. Having said this, if you have a coffee machine that accepts these pods they make for the most convenient option. If price isn’t as important to you as a convenient cuppa, the choice is yours.

Quick look

  • 10 Pods per box
  • Price: £12.95
  • Strength: 5 mg per pod

Buy Matcha Tea Rokit Pods here


Equilibrium CBD Tea

3. Equilibrium CBD tea

Equilibrium CBD tea is a gourmet tea that comes in 3 delicious blends. This product comes in tea bags for convenience and are made with gourmet ingredients to make sure your cuppas are better than the rest. Unlike some other products this Equilibrium have created blends that you’ll know and love so you don’t have to take a risk on a new blend or even a pure cannabis leaf tea. 

This product comes in mid-strength compared to the other products in this review at 3.5mg of CBD per tea bag and contains 12 tea bags per packet.

Equilibrium suggest in order to get the most of the benefits of their proprietary infusion process, they recommend longer steeping times (5 ins) to fully express the cannabinoids, and the full flavour notes of the tea.

Quick look

  • 12 Tea Bags per box
  • Price: £13.95
  • Strength: 3.4 mg per tea bag

Buy Equilibrium Teas here

Euphoria Cannabis Tea

4. Euphoria Cannabis Hemp Tea

Euphoria CBD tea is made with hemp leaves and comes in tea bags, making it convenient and easy but also appealing to the tea brewing enthusiast who like to precisely control the steep and other factors involved in making a perfect cup of tea.

For those who love the taste and smell of cannabis this tea product might be perfect for you. Unlike other products in this top 5 review, Euphoria Cannabis Tea contains just hemp leaves that are rich in CBD, rather than a blend of other teas leaves.

This product isn’t the strongest in the review, which isn’t necessarily a bad point but it should be taken into account when considering which tea to buy as most of the cost of these teas is the CBD, which is an expensive ingredient, certainly much more expensive than other non-CBD containing teas.

Although this product is labelled cannabis tea UK law requires that all CBD products have no psychoactive effect, meaning you won't get 'high' in any way. You'll just get refreshed with a lovely cup of tea.

Quick look

  • 20 Tea Bags per box
  • Price: £10.95
  • Strength: 2.5mg per tea bag

Buy Euphoria Cannabis Tea here


    Doctor Herb Hemp Tea

    5. Doctor Herb Hemp Tea

    Doctor Herb hemp tea is a high quality hemp tea made with only the flower of the hemp plant. The flowers are harvested by hand and dry-cured naturally before they are processed, trimmed and sorted to give you the best hemp tea on the market. 

    Doctor Herb offer different hemp teas based on the natural terpene flavours of the specific hemp strain. Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds, produced by a variety of plants, particularly conifers and often have a strong odour.

    This is a loose leaf variety of hemp tea and comes in flower form meaning this type of tea takes more effort to produce a good brew as the flower must be cut or ground prior to being steeped in boiling water. 

    There is no doubt that Doctor Herb produce the best hemp teas available and choose only the flowers to put in their product unlike other brands who typically use the entire plant, leaf, stems and all. 

    The product comes in 3.5 gram jars making it quite difficult to measure the appropriate quantity per cup however we found that 0.5 grams made a good strength brew, meaning the total servings for this product comes to 7 cups of tea. 

    Quick look

    • 7 Servings per jar
    • Price: £34.95
    • Strength: 4.4 mg per serving

    Buy Doctor Herb Hemp Tea here


    The Results at a Glance


    CBD per Serving



    Buddha Teas

    5 mg



    Rokit Pods

    5 mg



    Equilibrium CBD tea

    3.4 mg



    Euphoria Cannabis Tea

    2.5 mg



    Doctor Herb Hemp Tea 4.4 mg 7 £34.95


    The Conclusion

    CBD Tea is a great way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. The most common form of CBD is CBD oil, unless you are used to taking supplements each day it can get forgotten all too easily. CBD Tea is a perfect for you if this is the case.

    I can't remember the last time I forgot to have a cuppa in the morning and with a box of CBD tea next to the kettle, not only do you remember, I find myself going back for a few cups throughout the day. 

    It is said that CBD has a calming effect and research suggests that CBD has anti-anxiety properties. Whatever the case may be, for us it's a staple in the kitchen now.

    Although we tested many different teas, we only featured the best 5 that stood out to us. We weighed up the strength, taste, price and convenience when deciding which should make the cut. 

    Buddha Teas is very much deserving of first place in our opinion, their selection of blends, reasonable prices and acceptable level of cbd (5mg per bag) stood head and shoulders above the rest. It really is the best on the market at the moment for many reasons. 

    All the teas on this list are great teas in their own right. If you're looking for the super convenient option and you have access to a machine, the Rokit pods are fantastic.

    If you like the natural, earthy taste of hemp and want a slightly lower dosage CBD tea, then Euphoria have the best product for you and are the best value for money per tea bag among all of the products we tested. If you're budget is more flexible Doctor Herb have a high quality selection of hemp teas for the connoisseur.

    Others might like the breakfast tea from Equilibrium, it might not be the strongest tea but it's good value for money and taste like a good brew should, unlike some of the other teas that didn't make the final 4.

    Maybe next year we will expand the review to a wider range of tea and CBD coffee products, but for the time being these top 4 teas are what you should be looking for if CBD tea is a bit you.

    Alternatively, if you're looking for CBD Coffee or other CBD soft drinks we've got you covered here: View all CBD Drinks

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